Attn: For Men and/or Parents Deciding for Circumcision
Finally! Proven Ways To Get Back To Work/School Next Day And Avoid Getting A ‘Bad Cut’.”
(So you DON’T have to ever worry about having getting it ‘redo’ again!!)
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Dear Men and/or Parents of boys,

Let’s agree to this…

Circumcision is kind of frightening, it concern health and body, and its a one time deal…


If I can show you an almost guaranteed way of circumcision for you to get back to work/school the next day with no device wearing, no suturing, no bleeding, will that make your day?

Do you think your life will experience a drastic positive change if you can discover how to get stress-free, pain-free, or a lifetime aesthetic result circumcision for you or your son?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you will need to pay attention for the next 2-3 minutes…

…as I’m going to share information that will change health and life positively forever.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime surgery, and there is a difference between having traumatic experience for the rest of your/your children’s life after an outdated circumcision method and happily ever after with the latest circumcision method

Let’s understand what is ZSR Stapler Circumcision…

What is ZSR Stapler Circumcision?

This is a procedure whereby a device is used to perform the surgery. Upon completion, you will be left with a ring made from metal clips, but it automatically falls after several days. Instead of the metal clip ring, you could also opt for a silicone ring that successfully holds together your skin’s injured layers. Like the metal clip ring, the silicone ring is also designed to fall off within several days.

You might wonder why this revolutionary technology is your best bet when you need to get circumcised. Well, there are plenty of reasons that make ZSR Stapler Circumcision ideal for you or your son. Let us go through them.

The Fastest Recovery Method Of All Circumcision

With ZSR Stapler Circumcision, you can recover within a short time after the procedure. Some patients have even been able to perform their daily activities as soon as the next day.

Hence, when you choose this circumcision option, you, or your child, will not have to put your life on hold as you wait to heal fully.

Healthiest Decision You'll Ever Make

More often than not, patients who go for traditional methods of circumcision suffer from a lot of bleeding. Factually, this complication is witnessed in about 35% of the total circumcision cases, and it may cause significant health problems.

Fortunately, with ZSR Stapler Circumcision, you may never have to worry about that. Once the surgery is done using a ZSR stapler Circumcision device, you may have a low chance to bleed at all.

Besides, the ZSR Stapler Circumcision device is extremely safe. Therefore, you or your loved one are less likely to experience complications

Hygienic and Aesthetic

Our personal hygiene is one of the most crucial aspects of our lives. ZSR Stapler Circumcision prevents us from compromising it. It has low chance to cause any bleeding, as we have mentioned earlier. Therefore, you don't have to worry about staining your sheets or clothes should the bleeding be too much.

Besides, you'll may never have to deal with a foul odor, which might irritate you, and force your friends to avoid you.

The fact that ZSR Circumcision promotes a patient's hygiene also prevents infections and unnecessary medication costs as well.

What is the expectation from ZSR Stapler Circumcision?

Here's how and why we can make you this promise...

My name is Ab.Samad Kahar and I am the Sales Manager for ZSR Stapler Circumcision. I have been in the Healthcare Industry, Pharmaceuticals and other related experiences for over 20 years.

This product is going to give you and your children everything you need to receive a pain-free, fast recovery, no bleeding, no device wearing circumcision process safely! Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results

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We’ve sold THOUSANDS of ZSR Circumcision Disposable Units over the past 3 years! With over 150 known Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals in Malaysia and Indonesia practicing with our device, Saving the men and boys from having a bad lifetime trauma. 

Our Users Are Reporting
“Incredible Experiences” After ZSR Circumcision.


Also Featured In Many News Media​


Doctor's Testimonials


If you are not taking this once-in-a-lifetime surgery seriously you have to see the statistics below…

You or Your child may be exposed to recurrent psychosocial and surgical trauma when circumcision is performed by doctors with OUTDATED TOOLS!

Complications may result in 1.5% to 5% of circumcisions, and extreme rates range up to 55%!

According to the NCBI NIH. Why? 
Because most of the complications came from outdated methods of circumcision!

Unfortunately, That's Just The Tip of The Iceberg...

Although all these statistics may be overwhelming and taunting, there are also benefits to circumcision with proper practices….

That is why we came with a solution to Keep you and your children from traumatic complications!

The ZSR Stapler Circumcision device is a proven technology that will reduce all surgical risk!

ZSR Stapler Circumcision also reduces the chances of you or your son getting meatitis.

This is where the opening of your wound becomes inflamed or turns red. The area may have a scab or sore on it.

When one has this issue, urinating can be painful, and activities such as taking baths might be a bit irritating.

Fortunately, the device used in ZSR Stapler Circumcision minimizes the probability of the patient getting Meatitis.

Compare ZSR with other methods…

  • Anesthesia requiredAnesthesia required
  • Surgery durationSurgery duration
  • SafetySafety
  • Hemorrhage during the SurgeryHemorrhage during the Surgery
  • Postoperative PainPostoperative Pain
  • HematoncusHematoncus
  • Tissue injuryTissue injury
  • Stitches removal after surgeryStitches removal after surgery
  • Routine work limitationRoutine work limitation
  • Incision observationIncision observation
  • Postoperative nursingPostoperative nursing
  • AcceptabilityAcceptability
  • Other influenceOther influence
  • Physicians opinionsPhysicians opinions
  • Clamp Devices

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia requiredYes
  • Surgery duration20-30 min
  • SafetyLess
  • Hemorrhage during the SurgeryYes-Minimal
  • Postoperative PainModerate
  • HematoncusYes
  • Tissue injuryModerate
  • Stitches removal after surgeryNo
  • Routine work limitation3 Weeks
  • Incision observationYes
  • Postoperative nursingYes
  • AcceptabilityMost used device for circumcision
  • Other influenceHas to carry device for 7 days
  • Physicians opinionsModerate
  • Laser Circumcision

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia requiredYes
  • Surgery duration45 min
  • SafetyLess
  • Hemorrhage during the SurgeryYes
  • Postoperative PainHigh
  • HematoncusYes
  • Tissue injuryHigh
  • Stitches removal after surgeryYes
  • Routine work limitation2 Weeks
  • Incision observationYes
  • Postoperative nursingYes
  • AcceptabilityLow due to cost
  • Other influenceCarry stitch 7 days
  • Physicians opinionsPoor - non cosmetic
  • ZSR Stapler Circumcision

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia requiredYes - Minimal
  • Surgery duration9 min
  • SafetyVery High
  • Hemorrhage during the SurgeryNil
  • Postoperative PainMinimal
  • HematoncusNil
  • Tissue injuryMinimal
  • Stitches removal after surgeryNo
  • Routine work limitation1 Day
  • Incision observationNot Required
  • Postoperative nursingNot Required
  • AcceptabilityHigh due to rapid process & recorvery
  • Other influenceNothing to carry
  • Physicians opinionsGood cosmetic result

What to expect after I decided to go for the ZSR Circumcision?

✅ When we direct you to the clinic, someone will call u for further instructions.

✅ Next, you will need to be present at the clinic for size measurement and consultation.

✅ The clinic will have well-trained personnel to serve u and explain everything clearly to you.

✅ After the operation(procedure) is done, the clinics will prescribe some medication, and the next day you can continue with your light activities!

✅ After 3 days, get back to the clinic for redressing.

✅ THAT’S IT! Have an aesthetic end results for the rest of life, easy and risk-free!


The estimated cost including a lifetime happiness with:

✅No bleeding

✅No traumatic result

✅No wearing bulky device

✅Back to light activities the next day

from RM780 (Child) ~ RM1500 (Adult) or lower!!

*Different Situation Will have different pricing final pricing will be from the clinic/doctor

It is value for money for A once-In-a-Lifetime Surgery. It’s that Simple! Sounds like a great experience? Click NOW!



picture of best choice badge for zsr circumcision
picture of best choice badge for zsr circumcision

ZSR stapler circumcision is a lifetime health program you can’t afford to miss if you want a trauma-free experience and a lifetime aesthetic result for yourself or your family.

So click on the link and signup and get a professional consultation.

Besides, you have nothing to risk if for any reason you need to delay or simply don’t want to do the surgery.


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FAQs of ZSR Stapler Circumcision Device

• Use measuring scale to measure.

• Put the measuring scale to 1/3 position of coronary sulcus measure the
outer diameter of the glans, the position is nearly parallel to the shaft. If
there is no exact size, prefer to choose bigger one.

• No, the penis glans will be protected by the glans penis shielding.

• Yes, we choose to use high quality medical material to make, ensure no allergic or infection during or after the surgery.

• No, the stitches will fall off automatically after 7 days or more depends the type of skin of patients.

• Wait for stitches fall off completely, normally need about 15 days.

• We have 9 models, it is suitable for all ages.

• Did not do well with postoperative dressing, or did not keep the incision dry and clean. size too small. But it is normal.

• Use of antibiotic ointment can alleviate.

• Zsr Stapler Circumcision device is designed for aesthetic results, slightly painful after the anesthetic effect disappear is normal, if too serious, you need to go back to clinic and ask for doctor’s advice.

• Follow doctor’s advice, no over-activity, try best to avoid erection, no
alcohol, no seafood, no sexual intercourse.

ZSR Postoperative Care and Cautions

Free activities are permitted postoperative, but strenuous exercise must be

Slight pain is normal after anesthesia effect disappears. 


Generally, the pain will be greatly relieved 2-3 hours postoperative; if you feel intense pain after 3 hours, orally take analgesics to relieve pain; 


If the tight dressing makes the urination difficult, the patients can slightly loosen the elastic bandage 3 hours after operation. The dressing should not be contaminated, otherwise, timely treatment should be made, such as dressing change.

3 days later, patients can open the bandage for dressing change, if no
apparent bleeding or hematoma, disinfect the wound with iodine, more
than three time each day, slightly dress the wound with a dry gauze after
disinfecting and cleaning each time, to prevent discomforts even edema
resulted from friction between glans and penile prenulum position and

Within 7 days, wear a relatively tight underpant, with glans facing upwards,
reduce penis shaking as far as possible.

Shower is permitted after a week, keep the wound dry and disinfect the
wound with iodine after shower. If the glans is too sensitive, simply wrap it
with a dry gauze, otherwise, it is not necessary to wrap it.

Strenuous exercise is forbidden within one month, sexual life is forbidden
within 50 days.

Generally, the suturing nails will fall off automatically one week after
operation, most will fall off within 10-15 days, less after 15 days, rare after 4


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