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ZSR Circumcision Malaysia

What is ZSR Circumcision (ZSR Stapler Circumcision)?

In this article, we will talk about What is ZSR Circumcision (ZSR Stapler) in Malaysia. Circumcision is an age-old procedure that various civilizations have used for cultural, religious, and medical reasons. While it’s best known as an elective procedure for infants that reduces the risk of certain cancers and infections, adults often receive circumcisions as well.

As the millennia have gone by, the reasons and techniques involved with circumcision have both evolved. Currently, the pinnacle of circumcision techniques and technology is the ZSR Stapler Circumcision (or Zsr Circumcision) . It uses the latest technology to provide an easy, accurate, and reliable procedure for the operator and the patient.

Ease Of Use
Ease of Use

ZSR Stapler Circumcision (Zsr Circumcision) offers a carefully crafted handle to the operator, helping reduce fatigue and maximize surgical precision.

Proven Safety
Proven Safety

Repeated clinical trials have demonstrated that our third generation circumcision solution works safely and reliably.


The mechanical action in the ZSR Stapler Circumcision (Zsr Circumcision)  performs cuts and stitching in a single motion.


Our ZSR Stapler Circumcision (Zsr Circumcision) works for all ages, and there are nine different models to accommodate men in different stages of life.

Why Circumcision In Malaysia?

Religion is also the main factor why it is a must for circumcision in Malaysia for Muslims. Read the 8 benefits of circumcision and also Circumcision Pros and Cons for more information. 

Roughly twenty million people receive circumcisions each year, primarily in Africa, the Middle East, and North America. Circumcisions have been a staple of surgical procedures for as long as the science of surgery has existed. From Egypt to China, removing the foreskin was the chosen treatment for conditions we know today as phimosis, necrosis, paraphimosis, and others.

Decreased risk of penile cancer

Cancer of the penis is found to be lesser in circumcised males. Additionally, cervical cancer is also less seen in the female with a circumcised sexual partner.

Prevention of penile problems

Sometimes, the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis can be tough or difficult to pull back (phimosis). This can lead to swelling and inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis.

Decreased risk of sexually transmitted infections

Circumcision lowers the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. But safe practices remain an important factor.

Decreased risk of urinary tract infections

Uncircumcised men have a higher risk of urinary tract infections. Although, the risk of infections in males is low. However, severe infections can cause kidney problems and issues.

Easier hygiene

A simpler and hygienic way to wash the penis that prevents the secretions to accumulate after circumcision.

Who Needs Circumcision?


Diagnosis of the foreskin is too tight that prevents itself to be pulled back or retracted.

Balanitis and Balanoposthitis

The Infection over the penis gland medically known as BALANITIS. In some cases, both gland and the foreskin are being infected, known as BALANOPOSTHITIS.

Redundant Foreskin

Cases of a long foreskin of a penis that covers the gland even during erection.

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redundant foreskin explaination picture

What Is Redundant Foreskin?

Redundant foreskin simply means the foreskin of a man’s penis is too long that it covers the gland in absence of an erection. for some men, the excessive
foreskin causes inflammation and infection, thereby needing removal through surgeries.

What Is Phimosis?

The phimosis occurs when a tight foreskin prevents itself from retracting over a gland. it is common in male newborns when their foreskins and glans are joined entirely or partially together, phimosis typically resolves or improves on its own with age, most boys by the age of 5 can have their foreskins retracted to expose glans. However, this condition can also occur in adults due to infection.

A diagram of a bottle depicting Circumcision in Malaysia.
Balantis concept photo

Balanitis and Balanoposthitis

This infection is often treated with antibiotics unless the microorganisms/ fungi establish an extended-resistance towards antibiotic/antifungal. Supposed you are diagnosed with balanitis or balanoposthitis. You may begin with an oral antibiotic for several days, depending on the seriousness. If it doesn’t get better, it’s recommended to do circumcision for the best recovery choice and manage the disease from spreading.

Problem With Redundant Foreskin And Phimosis

Modern medicine has confirmed that redundant foreskin and phimosis will cause the following harm:

Limit penis growth
During puberty, if phimosis occurs, the glans of the penis are tightly wrapped, which affects growth and development.
Smegma formation

The culprit of genitourinary infection. Smegma is a hotbed of germs and viruses, which can cause genitourinary infections. Long-term inflammatory stimuli may increase the incidence of penile cancer

Impact on sex life

Foreskin too long might affect sex life. Indirectly affecting love relation.

Prone to cause male infertility

Foreskin inflammation can cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc., this can reduce sperm motility and semen viscosity, which can cause infertility.

Affect health of sexual partner

Male foreskin too long and phimosis is also a great hazard to partners, often becoming a cause of vaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, cervical cancer, etc.

Prone to cause urinary system diseases
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI) and malformations has higher rate in newborns and small infants. Urinary symptoms may be difficult to detect.
  • Obstruction of the urethra (BXO), chronic infection may result in the formation of sputum or a contraction of the urethral opening, thereby hindering urination in the posterior segment.

Circumcision Treat Phimosis and Related Conditions

Phimosis in men and boys is a condition where the foreskin wraps tightly around the glans, or “head” of the penis. Children often have this issue but see it solve itself around the age of five. If phimosis persists past this point, it’s possible that it may cause complications such as reduced penis growth.

Adult men who begin to suffer from phimosis will see it begin to negatively impact their sex life and potentially produce greater complications. Bacteria build-up, inflammation, and infertility are just a few risks of phimosis that circumcision can eliminate.

You can read about “13 Circumcision Myths and Facts” from our board to learn more about untrue myths.

Improve Hygiene and Reduce Health Risks

Improve Hygiene and Reduce Health Risks

Circumcision prevents phimosis, reduces the risk of penile cancer, and largely prevents smegma buildup. These benefits are a large part of why the practice is so popular in many countries where only a small number of people practice religious circumcision.

Circumcision Techniques

In ancient times, the practices for circumcision were fairly similar around the world. Depending on the exact location and era, the surgeon would use applications such as sharpened stone, broken glass, or a knife. They’d use this tool to remove the foreskin manually. Patients might take an herbal concoction that reduced pain or might simply bite the bullet and suffer.

While the tools and techniques of classic circumcisions are much more refined today, the basic method is largely the same. A surgeon will apply local anesthesia to reduce pain and use a blade to remove the foreskin. However, classical circumcision holds many disadvantages. The relative imprecision means that circumcisions are often uneven, infection risks are high, and the surgical wounds are large.

A silhouette of a man in a line representing circumcision in Malaysia.

Second Generation Circumcision

Second generation circumcision emerged during the middle of the 20th century. These procedures use rings, clamps, and other tools to provide a more mechanical procedure. However, it comes with risks of its own. Bleeding and infection both happen somewhat often, and if the device cuts too tightly it can leave lifelong complications.

However, there’s a better solution. While classical foreskin removal is relatively primitive and second-generation techniques are imprecise, ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia (Zsr Circumcision) fully embraces the principles of modern surgery.

Third Generation ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia

Third generation ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia (Zsr Circumcision) incorporates the surgical principles of kinetic technique, anastomosis, circular cut, and automatic suture. It takes the scalpel-precision of classical circumcision, the machine reliability of second-generation techniques, and improves upon both of them. 

ZSR Circumcision Device Indonesia Delegates to Malaysia

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ZSR Stapler Circumcision in Malaysia?

Compare Features

  • AnesthesiaAnesthesia
  • Operation TimeOperation Time
  • SafetySafety
  • BleedingBleeding
  • Postoperative PainPostoperative Pain
  • HematomaHematoma
  • Suture RemovalSuture Removal
  • RestrictionRestriction
  • Wound ObservationWound Observation
  • Postoperative CarePostoperative Care
  • AcceptanceAcceptance
  • Other EffectsOther Effects
  • CCS

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time>30 min
  • SafetyPossible Harm
  • BleedingA Lot
  • Postoperative PainLast 3-4 Days
  • HematomaCommon
  • Suture Removal10 Days to remove
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 2 weeks, prohibit sexual life for 2 months
  • Wound ObservationUneven, possible bleeding again, healing time is long, there are scars
  • Postoperative CareMultiple return to hospital for dressing care
  • AcceptanceAcceptable to adults but children are difficult, and large amount of anesthesia
  • Other EffectsIncision is difficult to meet the requirement, occasionally might injured the glans, frenulum overcut
  • Clamp & Ring

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time>15 min
  • SafetyRelatively Safe
  • BleedingLittle
  • Postoperative PainLast 1 Week
  • HematomaOccasionally
  • Suture RemovalRemove ring after one week, dehiscence can occur
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 2 weeks, prohibit sexual life for 2 months
  • Wound ObservationIt is relatively flat, possible hematoma or bleeding again, and the healing time is long.
  • Postoperative CareMultiple return to hospital for dressing care
  • AcceptanceDevice wearing & removal. Difficult for adults and children to accept
  • Other EffectsIncision is difficult to meet requirement, postoperative infection common, longer edema and pain
  • ZSR Stapler Circumcision

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time3-5min
  • SafetySafe
  • BleedingSeldom
  • Postoperative Pain1-3 hours after surgery, slight
  • HematomaSeldom
  • Suture RemovalNo need to remove the thread, the staples fall off by themselves
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 1 week, prohibit sexual life for 30 Days
  • Wound ObservationNo obvious scars and smoothness after surgery
  • Postoperative CareAbout 10 days depending on the recovery situation, whether to return to hospital
  • AcceptanceEasily acceptable by adults and children
  • Other EffectsThe glans and frenulum are fully protected by nail seat and rarely have complications.

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ZSR Stapler Circumcision Benefits

Benefits of ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia

How it Works

After measuring the glans of the patient, the operator will choose the right ZSR size for the patient. The mechanical action inserts the staples into the foreskin but blocks them via the front abutment. By shielding the glans and relying on a precise tool to remove the foreskin, ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia (Zsr Circumcision) largely solves the problems of past techniques.

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Find Out More About ZSR Stapler Circumcision in Malaysia

The ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia (Zsr Circumcision) cuts down on the potential for human error and advances the science of circumcision to a new level. Whether your interest is religious, cultural, or medical, it’s the ideal solution for you. ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia (Zsr Circumcision) is a value for practitioners and patients.

It gives you a peace of mind and aesthetics result plus many other benefits. Read about “What you should know before circumcision” to understand what you need to take note of when undergoing circumcision in Malaysia. Explore our website or get in touch with us to learn more, we’re eager to answer your questions.

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