Rapid Fever Relieve for Children and Adults!

Too hot? To feverish? Can’t cool down? RapidKool’s cooling pad is the answer if any of these bother you. But be prepared to rapidly exceed all your expectations since the cooling effect lasts 10 hours!

Stop Sudden Fever

Highly Recommended Fever Pad

This highly-recommended product is 100% certified and authorized for use by the Medical Authority Malaysia (MDA)

Easy to Use

It has an individually packed patch for a convenient and hygienic patch, making its gel cooling surface ready for use.

Ideal For Sensitive Skin

Its cooling effect is entirely free of irritants, making it the ideal product for babies, children, and adults with sensitive skin.

Cooling Effect For Everyone

RapidKool is best suited for children and adults. However, these cooling patches don't stop there. Those with toothache can benefit from its fast-acting cooling effects.

Anti-slip Gel Cooling Surface

It is made with soft and bouncy materials that stick comfortably to the skin, meaning the cooling patches will not peel off easily when you remove the transparent film. 

What is RapidKool?

RapidKool contains soft cooling patches comprising 80% moisture, designed to help reduce body temperature quickly. The gel is made of hydrophilic polymer that soaks body heat and releases it to provide a gentle cooling relief. The cooling effect of Rapid ensures a better cooling sensation due to the high-quality cooling patches.

Our Mission

The average child runs a fever faster than an adult. Because of their weaker immune systems, they are more susceptible to a wide range of illnesses which typically results in frequent fevers. Taking this into consideration, RapidKool was created to provide fast, efficient relief with a cooling sensation, improving their health and calming the nerves of worried parents. Contact Us

Why Use RapidKool?

Safeguards Body Temperature

The human body protects against extreme temperature rises and their effects by forming heat-shock proteins. However, things can get life-threatening at temperatures over 106 F. Fortunately, RapidKool's gel cooling surface absorbs excess body heat, preventing hyperpyrexia.

Facilitates Fever Treatment

The typical cause of acute fevers in infants and children is infection. Since newborns and young infants are more vulnerable to severe infection due to underdeveloped immunity, RapidKool's fever patches serve as a speedy and effective solution against temperature spikes when used on a child's forehead.

Effective Topical Application

RapidKool was formulated with ingredients contained in high-quality cosmetics and personal hygiene products. With that said, the products also tend to feature a neutral pH ideal for skincare and sensitive skin, further preventing skin irritations.

Components of the RapidKool

Hydrophilic Polymer

The hydrophilic polymer is easy-going, epidermis-friendly, and highly absorbent for use everywhere and anytime during fever attacks.

Anti-slip Sticker

Each pack has a cooling gel patch fitted with a strong anti-slip sticker that ensures maximum effectiveness for as long as 10 hours once you remove the transparent film.

Attractive Packaging

RapidKool comes in a recognizable attractive package that contains a single cooling gel in one pouch. It also includes directions for use, precautions, storage instructions(protect from direct sunlight), and every other information to make the most of your purchase. 

How Does RapidKool Work?

Once the cooling gel sticks to the skin, it initiates an evaporation process that releases heat and reduces the skin’s surface temperature. The fever patches absorb heat from the skin of infants through the point of contact and produce a cool effect. The patches leave a cooling effect in record time through their gel-cooling surface. Users don’t have to worry about interaction with other medications since RapidKool doesn’t involve the use of any drugs. Hence, it’s safe for use with several medicines since RapidKool is meant for topical application. Just remove the transparent film, stick it, and let the gel sheet and its cooling effect do the rest.

User-friendly Ingredients

We have built the product with an emphasis on safety first safety, which is why we have ensured that it contains only elements traditionally employed in products such as medicines and over-the-counter medication.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern if the product is consumed in any form, including licking. However, if you observe anything that can cause your child to have a bad or painful response, please consult a doctor as soon as possible.



With the gel applied to the skin, an evaporation process occurs that lowers the surface temperature of the skin. Rapidkool composed of a hydrophilic polymer that absorbs then releases heat. Heat from the skin is absorbed by the gel sheet and is released into the air when the moisture evaporates, thus provides cooling sensation to the skin. 

Absolutely! Rapidkool is safe, registered and certified by Medical Authority Malaysia (MDA)

Absolutely NO! There are no drugs involved. The evaporation process that produces the cold sensation is totally harmless and therefore suitable for babies and adults.

Absolutely! Since there are no drugs involved, there is no possibility of interaction with any type of medication, no drug-drug interaction.

No. Rapidkool is ready to be used right from the box.

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