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In Malaysia, more than 26 thousand people are living with dementia.

According to Alzheimer’s disease International in which Malaysia is one of its member reported that the prevalence of dementia in Malaysia was 123,000 people in 2015. This number was projected to be 261,000 by 2030 and will continue to increase to 590,000 people in 2050.

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Morilite is an all-natural, herbal supplement that can be taken daily. It contains Cistanche tubulosa extracts, which are well known in traditional Chinese Medicine for treating “kidney-yang” deficiency. The product also has been approved by the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission and is recorded in their 2015 edition.

If you want to improve your kidney health without taking prescription medication or other supplements, Morilite may be just what you need! This natural remedy will not only help with kidney function but also is also proven to increase memory function and improve cognitive function.

What is Cistanche tubulosa?

Cistanche Tubulosa, a.k.a. Cistanche Deserticola, is the unusual parasitic flower that grows in the Taklimakan desert region of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. It can’t produce its own chlorophyll like most plants, instead it extracts water and nutrients from the roots of host plants for energy.

The yellow flowers of Cistanche distort the ground, which juxtaposes with the dry landscape. The ancient healers and herbalists likely found these herbs unusual in appearance and so sought them out due to their natural medicine properties. It was used the same way as ginseng in areas where ginseng could not be found.

A yellow flower is blossoming out of the sand.

Why Cistanche Tubulosa?

Cistanche tubulosa (Rou Cong Rong) is a fantastic herb for whole-body health. It enhances immunity, provides anti-oxidants, and protects against neurodegenerative disorders. Oftentimes called the “ginseng of the desert” it has been lauded as an elixir of youth with its potent anti-aging qualities.

The desert flower is most often used for those who are suffering from digestive disorders such as ulcers and gastritis. Cistanche also helps with neurological problems, hypertension, diabetes, sexual dysfunction.

36 Patents Grated in 16 Countries 8 SCI publication

image of patents and cetificates for morilite
aie2 memoregain

Patented TianLife™ plant fingerprint Technology

Morilite contains 100% Memoregain® AIE2 Cistanche Tubulosa extract.   Memoregain® AIE2 Cistanche tubulosa extract TLCT-Plus comply with the Good Agricultural Practice Code (GAP) and Organic Farm practice, all of the product can be traced back to the production lot number. Patented raw material Cistanche tubulosa extract Memoregain® AIE2 TLCT-Plus is used to improve cognitive function, increase neurotransmitter and enhance memory, slow down the deterioration of dementia, slow the occurrence of brain degeneration, and promote the effect of nerve growth factor. Experiments have indicated that Memoregain® AIE2 TLCT-Plus can effectively pass the BBB (blood-brain barrier). Currently, it has 36 patents in 16 different countries. 9 SCI publication. Sinphar Tianli is currently the world’s largest Cistanche tubulosa extract supplier.

Most of Cistanche Tubulosa extract on the market is not standardized and does not contain enough active ingredients. Standardizing a product can be complicated and expensive. There are many ways to perform a Cistanche Tubulosa extract, just like there are a lot of ways you can grow ginseng. Why some ginseng costs tens of thousands while some cost penny? 

That is why we partner with the best to produce the best product

Gap eco-certificate for Morilite Capsules and Memory Saver.

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From in vitro to HUMAN study

From human nerve cell experiments found that Memoregain® AIE2 can inhibit the brain nerve cell apoptosis, helps nerve fibers regenerate, Memoregain® AIE2 is a factor that promotes nerve regeneration.

Tnf a and tnf b induction of apoptosis group utilizing Morilite Capsules for memory saving.

1. Neuron growth factor (NGF) like effect

Memoregain® AIE2 has neuron growth factor (NGF)-like activity that can prevent and improve degeneration of nerve cells.

2. Neuronprotection

Studies support Memoregain® AIE2 was active in inhibition of neuron apoptosis, enhancement of neuron-transmitter release as well as enhancement of neuron growth and protection.

Memory Saver Capsules control treated by memorandum.
3. Improves nerve conduction, improve the cognitive and learning and memorial function

Acetylcholinesterase can causes the degradation of neurotransmitters(acetylcholine),it reduces nerve conduction, Experiments show that treated by Memoregain® AIE2 can reduce Acetylcholinesterase activity, the neurotransmitters can be preserved without damage, then Improves nerve conduction

4. more time spent in the bright room Improves cognitive function, learning, and memory ability.

Study shows that the more time spent in the bright room closer to 300 seconds, the more normal memory functions. Experiments show that taking Memoregain® AIE2 can help in increasing the time spent in the bright room. Improves cognitive function, learning, and memory ability

5. Anti-brain aging effect (Inhibit Aβ protein accumulate in brain)

Memoregain® AIE2 has neuron growth factor (NGF)-like
activity that can prevent and improve degeneration of nerve cells.

6. Neuronprotection

Studies support Memoregain® AIE2 was active in inhibition of neuron apoptosis, enhancement of neuron-transmitter release as well as enhancement of neuron growth and protection.

A graph showing the results of a study on adipose tissue using Morilite.
7. About 50-60% of the brain is composed of fat, And Oxygen Consumption Is Very High

Oxidative Pressure Also Goes Up With Aging, Experiments Show That After Taking Memoregain® AIE2, Helps Reduce Lipid Peroxidation In The Brain And Increases Total Antioxidant Capacity.

8. Benefits after treated for Patients with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease

(1) As Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) Assessment shows treated by Memoregain® AIE2 helps Stabilize the condition and slow the progression of the disease

(2) Compared with Donepezil, the first line treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, Memoregain® AIE2 shows a better long-term maintenance effect.

A graph showing the effect of Morilite on a person's health.
Bdli vs bdli vs bdli vs bdli capsules.
9.Benefits of healthy individuals taking Morilite
A study of 105 taking Memoregain® AIE2, reduce Acetylcholinesterase activity in the serum,increase the the neurotransmitters and increase the concentration of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF),promote nerve growth and improve memory.

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