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Comparison of CR and DR


Computed radiography (CR) & digital radiography (DR) have become unbelievably prevalent in imaging facilities worldwide. To make the most out of these two advanced digital imaging systems, radiologists and radiographers must have high-bandwidth web facilities and reliable computer networks. In this write-up, we’re going to dive deeper into digital radiography vs. computed radiography and discuss … Read more

What is Redundant Foreskin?

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Table of Contents What is a Redundant Foreskin? ZSR circumcision can help reducing foreskin problems> The Redundant Foreskin is the excess amount of foreskin covering the head of a male penis completely before its erected. This skin often leads to numerous health problems, especially if the male cannot completely withdraw the foreskin from the head of the … Read more

What is Phimosis?

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Table of Contents What is Phimosis <click to learn how ZSR circumcision can help cure phimosis> Phimosis is a health condition in which the foreskin cannot be pulled back or retracted beyond the glans. It is most prevalent among males, both pediatric and adults. The tightening of the prepuce [foreskin] is caused by the narrowing of the … Read more

Circumcision Methods And Techniques Comparison? Which Is Better For You?​

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Table of Contents Circumcision Methods and Techniques comparison? Which Is Better for you? Read more – before circumcision. Circumcision entails the process of surgically removing the foreskin covering the tip of the penis also known as the prepuce. In most parts of the world, circumcision is a practice embedded in the cultural and religious setting. … Read more

Adult Circumcision: Recovery Expectations

Adult Circumcision Recovery Expectations

Table of Contents Adult Circumcision Recovery Expectation Before we get into circumcision recovery. Let’s understand that – Adult circumcision consists of a physician surgically removing the skin that covers the foreskin, or the skin that covers the head of the penis. The doctor “pushes” the foreskin down the head of the penis, and then trims … Read more

13 Circumcision Myths And Facts

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Table of Contents 13 Circumcision Myths and Facts Read more – ZSR circumcision. People worldwide have strong opinions about baby circumcision, but what are the facts? Are there health benefits to circumcision? Are most men circumcised? While circumcision of the penis is a commonly accepted practice in many geographical areas, a lot of misunderstanding still exists around … Read more

5 types of food to avoid after circumcision


Table of Contents 5 types of food to avoid after circumcision Read more – Things to note before circumcision. After circumcision, it is important to follow medical advice and strictly follow doctor’s advice for food to avoid after circumcision so that you can heal quickly and without complications. Such medical advice usually includes dietary requirements … Read more

8 Benefits of Circumcision

8 benefits of circumcision

Table of Contents 8 Benefits of Circumcision Read more for 2020 circumcision pros and cons. Before we go into this article, you should also read about the benefits of circumcision using the latest device – ZSR circumcision Malaysia. For a long time, the decision to go for circumcision has been associated with religious or cultural beliefs … Read more

What you should know before circumcision

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Table of Contents What you should know before circumcision There are a number of things you should take note of before circumcision surgery is performed. In this article we will cover as much as possible so you know how to prepare before circumcision. Circumcision is a surgery that involves the removal of the penis’ foreskin that covers … Read more

2020 Circumcision Pros and Cons, Different Methods and After Care


Table of Contents 2020 circumcision pros and cons Let’s list out all the possibilities of circumcision pros and cons so you can understand the benefits and risks in this article. Also, check out our latest ZSR Stapler Circumcision in Malaysia and how it can benefit you. Circumcision is an ancient practice that involves clipping the excess foreskin … Read more