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Revolutionizing Emergency Response with HeartSave AEDs

In the critical moments of a cardiac emergency, every second counts. HeartSave AEDs bring state-of-the-art technology to the forefront of medical response, offering not just equipment, but a promise of safety, reliability, and innovation.

Redefining Readiness:

HeartSave AEDs embody a commitment to excellence in emergency medical care. Our devices are designed with precision, ensuring that they are always ready when life depends on it. From corporate offices to public spaces, we equip you with the tools to be a lifesaver.

Building a Safer Tomorrow:
Join us in our mission to make life-saving technology accessible everywhere. Whether you’re a medical professional, a corporate entity, or a community leader, your partnership with HeartSave AED can help create a network of safety and preparedness, transforming the way we respond to cardiac emergencies.
“Empower, Equip, Save – HeartSave AEDs, where
technology meets compassion.”

Who Needs
HeartSave AEDs?

Medical Facilities:

For hospitals and clinics, HeartSave AEDs provide a reliable solution for emergency cardiac care, enhancing patient outcomes.

Public Spaces and Large Venues:

Airports, shopping malls, sports arenas, and schools can become safer with easily accessible HeartSave AEDs, ready to address sudden cardiac incidents.

Corporate Offices:

Empower your employees with the tools to handle a medical emergency, fostering a culture of safety and readiness.

Emergency Response Teams:

First responders can rely on the portability and advanced technology of HeartSave AEDs for efficient pre-hospital care.

Community Centers and Residential Complexes:

Ensure community well-being with AEDs that can be used by anyone – a step towards community health responsibility.

Key Features & Benefits:

Illuminated Monitor: Clear ECG display for accuracy in emergencies.

  • Benefit: Enhanced visibility in various conditions.

Extended Battery Life: Up to 6 years of standby time.

  • Benefit: Consistent readiness and reduced maintenance.

Pediatric Mode: Safe and effective for children.

  • Benefit: Versatile for use across all age groups. .

Who Needs
HeartSave AEDs?

Advanced Technology:

For hospitals and clinics, HeartSave AEDs provide a reliable solution for emergency cardiac care, enhancing patient outcomes.

User-Friendly Design:

Ease of use is at the heart of our design – ensuring that anyone, regardless of training, can operate the AED in an emergency.

Comprehensive Compliance and Certification:

Adherence to ERC-2021 guidelines and MPBetriebV certification underscores our commitment to quality and safety.

Robust Support and Training:

We offer comprehensive support and training materials, making the integration and use of our AEDs seamless.

Proven Reliability:

Backed by testimonials and case studies, our AEDs have a track record of reliability and effectiveness in critical situations.

Commitment to Life-Saving Innovation:

Our mission goes beyond selling products – we're dedicated to innovating life-saving solutions.

Who Needs
HeartSave AEDs?

Product Overview:

“Introducing the HeartSave AED Series – the pinnacle of emergency response technology. Designed with precision and care, our AEDs offer a blend of advanced features, user accessibility, and reliable performance.”

Detailed Product Description:

"Experience the reliability and excellence of the
HeartSave AED Series. Contact us for more
information or to place your order."

HeartSave AEDs: Setting a New Standard
in Emergency Response

Our USPs Compared to Competitors:
HeartSave AED:
HeartSave AED:
Features a high-resolution, backlit LCD monitor for clear ECG display and instructions.


Often have basic displays with limited visibility in varied lighting conditions.
HeartSave AED:
Up to 6 years of battery life with minimal maintenance requirements.
Typically offer shorter battery life, leading to more frequent maintenance and replacements.
HeartSave AED:
Unique pediatric button, eliminating the need for special pediatric electrodes.
Often require separate pediatric pads or additional accessories for use on children.
HeartSave AED:
Features a high-resolution, backlit LCD monitor for clear ECG display and instructions.
May not always meet the latest European Resuscitation Council standards.
HeartSave AED:
Offers escalating energy levels up to 360 Joules for effective defibrillation.
Often limited to lower energy levels, which may be less effective in certain scenarios.
HeartSave AED:
Benefiting from over 40 years of German engineering expertise in medical technology.
Varied manufacturing origins, which may not match the same level of engineering excellence.
HeartSave AED:
Offers extensive training materials and robust customer support.
Support and training resources can vary significantly.

"Experience the HeartSave Difference: Advanced Technology, Unmatched Reliability, and Comprehensive Support – All Designed to Save Lives."

& Awards:

Proudly compliant with ERC-2021 guidelines and certified by MPBetriebV, our AEDs symbolize trust and quality in life-saving technology.

Frequently Asked Questions:

An AED is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm during a sudden cardiac arrest.

The HeartSave AED-M analyzes the heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, delivers an electric shock, known as defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm.

Yes, it is designed for ease of use with clear instructions and automatic functions, making it accessible for non-medical personnel.

Yes, it features a pediatric mode and a pediatric button, making it suitable for use on young patients.

It includes an illuminated monitor, biphasic defibrillation, escalating energy levels, a long-lasting battery, and is ERC-2021 compliant.

The device conducts automatic self-tests to ensure functionality, but regular checks are recommended as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It’s important to replace used components and check the device’s status. Also, data stored on the memory card should be reviewed by medical professionals.

While it’s designed for ease of use, basic training in AED use and CPR is recommended for optimal effectiveness.

The battery has up to a 6-year lifespan, and the electrodes have a 36-month shelf life.

 Absolutely, it’s suitable for public access use in places like airports, malls, and sports venues.

Yes, it features a pediatric mode and a pediatric button, making it suitable for use on young patients.

This information can be provided based on the specific terms and conditions set by Metrax GmbH.

t has built-in safety features and provides guidance throughout the process to ensure proper and safe use.

Details on authorized distributors or direct purchase options can be provided here.

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