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Red Best Price For Circumcision In Malaysia

Price for Circumcision in Malaysia

RM XXX includes medicine, consultation, etc
(for children circumcision)

Different prices for different cases (stricture, 2nd-time circumcision, serious infection, etc). The reason is that surgery takes a longer time, and also uses more painkiller Anesthesia, and may need more medication intake after surgery. Special cases can only be determined after consultation with the doctor at our partnering clinic or hospital. Click on the button to understand how much circumcision cost near you.

price included for both male circumcision and child/boy circumcision:

Compare Features

  • AnesthesiaAnesthesia
  • Operation TimeOperation Time
  • SafetySafety
  • BleedingBleeding
  • Postoperative PainPostoperative Pain
  • HematomaHematoma
  • Suture RemovalSuture Removal
  • RestrictionRestriction
  • Wound ObservationWound Observation
  • Postoperative CarePostoperative Care
  • AcceptanceAcceptance
  • Other EffectsOther Effects
  • CCS

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time>30 min
  • SafetyPossible Harm
  • BleedingA Lot
  • Postoperative PainLast 3-4 Days
  • HematomaCommon
  • Suture Removal10 Days to remove
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 2 weeks, prohibit sexual life for 2 months
  • Wound ObservationUneven, possible bleeding again, healing time is long, there are scars
  • Postoperative CareMultiple return to hospital for dressing care
  • AcceptanceAcceptable to adults but children are difficult, and large amount of anesthesia
  • Other EffectsIncision is difficult to meet the requirement, occasionally might injured the glans, frenulum overcut
  • Clamp & Ring

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time>15 min
  • SafetyRelatively Safe
  • BleedingLittle
  • Postoperative PainLast 1 Week
  • HematomaOccasionally
  • Suture RemovalRemove ring after one week, dehiscence can occur
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 2 weeks, prohibit sexual life for 2 months
  • Wound ObservationIt is relatively flat, possible hematoma or bleeding again, and the healing time is long.
  • Postoperative CareMultiple return to hospital for dressing care
  • AcceptanceDevice wearing & removal. Difficult for adults and children to accept
  • Other EffectsIncision is difficult to meet requirement, postoperative infection common, longer edema and pain
  • ZSR Stapler Circumcision

  • Techniques Comparison

  • Anesthesia
  • Operation Time3-5min
  • SafetySafe
  • BleedingSeldom
  • Postoperative Pain1-3 hours after surgery, slight
  • HematomaSeldom
  • Suture RemovalNo need to remove the thread, the staples fall off by themselves
  • RestrictionLimit exercise for 1 week, prohibit sexual life for 30 Days
  • Wound ObservationNo obvious scars and smoothness after surgery
  • Postoperative CareAbout 10 days depending on the recovery situation, whether to return to hospital
  • AcceptanceEasily acceptable by adults and children
  • Other EffectsThe glans and frenulum are fully protected by nail seat and rarely have complications.

Benefits of ZSR Stapler Circumcision in Malaysia

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