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FAQs of ZSR Stapler Circumcision Malaysia Device

• Use measuring scale to measure.

• Put the measuring scale to 1/3 position of coronary sulcus measure the
outer diameter of the glans, the position is nearly parallel to the shaft. If
there is no exact size, prefer to choose bigger one.

• No, the penis glans will be protected by the glans penis shielding.

• Yes, we choose to use high quality medical material to make, ensure no allergic or infection during or after the surgery.

• No, the stitches will fall off automatically after 7 days or more depends the type of skin of patients.

• Wait for stitches fall off completely, normally need about 15 days.

• We have 9 models, it is suitable for all ages.

• Did not do well with postoperative dressing, or did not keep the incision dry and clean. size too small. But it is normal.

• Use of antibiotic ointment can alleviate.

• Zsr Stapler Circumcision device is designed for aesthetic results, slightly painful after the anesthetic effect disappear is normal, if too serious, you need to go back to clinic and ask for doctor’s advice.

• Follow doctor’s advice, no over-activity, try best to avoid erection, no
alcohol, no seafood, no sexual intercourse.

ZSR Postoperative Care and Cautions

Free activities are permitted postoperative, but strenuous exercise must be

Slight pain is normal after anesthesia effect disappears. 


Generally, the pain will be greatly relieved 2-3 hours postoperative; if you feel intense pain after 3 hours, orally take analgesics to relieve pain; 


If the tight dressing makes the urination difficult, the patients can slightly loosen the elastic bandage 3 hours after operation. The dressing should not be contaminated, otherwise, timely treatment should be made, such as dressing change.

3 days later, patients can open the bandage for dressing change, if no
apparent bleeding or hematoma, disinfect the wound with iodine, more
than three time each day, slightly dress the wound with a dry gauze after
disinfecting and cleaning each time, to prevent discomforts even edema
resulted from friction between glans and penile prenulum position and

Within 7 days, wear a relatively tight underpant, with glans facing upwards,
reduce penis shaking as far as possible.

Shower is permitted after a week, keep the wound dry and disinfect the
wound with iodine after shower. If the glans is too sensitive, simply wrap it
with a dry gauze, otherwise, it is not necessary to wrap it.

Strenuous exercise is forbidden within one month, sexual life is forbidden
within 50 days.

Generally, the suturing nails will fall off automatically one week after
operation, most will fall off within 10-15 days, less after 15 days, rare after 4

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