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POCT, IVD & Diagnostic Medical Devices​

POCT, IVD and Diagnostic Medical Devices are essential pieces of medical technology used in healthcare settings. POCT refers to Point-of-Care Testing, which is a quick in-office test administered right at the patient’s bedside or examination room. IVD stands for In Vitro Diagnostics, which uses laboratory instruments to analyze specimens like blood and DNA samples.

Finally, diagnostic medical devices use imaging technologies like MRI and ultrasound machines to detect diseases or abnormalities much earlier than manual detection methods. All three of these device types help provide more accurate diagnoses, quicker treatments, improved patient outcomes and overall better healthcare outcomes.

Product Lists

Aidex - Continuous Glucose Monitoring

With AiDex, it’s easy to manage diabetes and know your glucose level with confidence. With AiDex, you can share readings of your glucose levels with the people who need to know. Take control of your health and stay on top of managing diabetes with ease.

Equil Patch Tubeless Insulin pump

Here is the first tubeless and exceptional all-in-one patch pump that integrates a Continuous Glucose Monitor, thus offering you predictive low blood sugar suspend function.

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Why Us?

Why Us?

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