Editorial Standards

Nano Medic Care Sdn Bhd

At Nano Medic Care, we want you to trust us with the information we offer. We are glad to offer insights into our content creation process and how we achieve accuracy, straight-to-the-point guides, actionable next steps, and current content.

Health and wellness information is everywhere; online, in journals and magazines, books, radio, and television. However, obtaining educative, useful, and authoritative health content can be challenging. Nano Medic Care is redefining the field of health-content creation, making it easily available and understandable to help you make rational health decisions for yourself and your family.

To avail actionable content, we break down complex topics into easy-to-understand bits while avoiding industry jargon. You’ll feel confident with our health guides, whether you need facts about a particular health condition, a recurring medical condition, or general wellness.

We have a holistic approach to our content creation, addressing your total well-being by helping you create harmony between your physical health and lifestyle for a fulfilling ‘whole person health.’ We realize that by covering a wide range of topics from multiple viewpoints.

Every individual has unique health and lifestyle needs. That’s why NMC creates all-inclusive and empathic health information. We are non-judgmental because our objective is to cater to anyone in pursuit of medical help and advice.

Mission Statement

We aim to be your trustworthy partner in your quest for fulfilling health and wellness.

NMC’s Content Creation Process

Our editors and team of medical professionals are dedicated to offering quality content and unmatched reader’s experience by adhering to high-level journalistic standards and practices. Knowing the time, you’ll need health guidance, and what plan of action to take is critical to maintaining apt physical wellness. Our guidance is comprehensive, non-discriminate, honest, and timely.

Our Crew of Professionals

NMC’s content creation process comprises thorough fact-checking and reviewing by qualified writers, editors, journalists, and contributors who have experience in the health industry. We also have a team of medical professionals (across different fields) whose guidance and contributions play an integral part in our editorial process. They include board-certified general practitioners to specialists of various field, pharmacists, nutritionists and dietician to mention a few.

A Thorough Review Process

NMC’s health and medicine content undergo a robust medical review by a team of health professionals or qualified journalists who are knowledgeable in fact-checking to alleviate any accuracy concerns. The medical review team consists of experts with years of experience in medical practice, research and testing, and patient case management.

Our Writers

We boast a team of expert writers who are passionate and knowledgeable about the topics we cover. All our writers undergo a critical screening process to ensure they can deliver quality health and wellness articles. Our writer vetting process looks at their knowledge and practical life experience about every subject. We offer them training on the best research and content-sourcing practices for high-standard health guides. Our regular feedback and vocational training ensure they develop in writing some of the most informative health content.

Sources, References, and Citations

We highly regard content quality, and we are strict about where we get our health information and data. We rely on authoritative sources, such as peer-reviewed papers, governmental agencies, health associations, academic and medical research facilities.

Our writers research every article in-depth, and the sources are checked to ensure they are authoritative, goal-oriented, and newly released. We ensure that any statistics, scientific references, and academic research cited in the article are hyperlinked in each piece or highlighted as footnotes at every article’s base.

Reporting Emerging Issues as They Arise

Our team of professionals is always on the lookout for any new information or advancements in the health and wellness industry. We update every article as soon as we obtain new information affecting a particular subject matter. NMC has a routine article maintenance schedule, although the information might change due to the following issues:

· Changes in healthcare standards

· The emergence of new health policies

· Approvals and recalls of pharmaceutical drugs

· Disruptive practice recommendations

· Audience’s feedback and concerns

When a reader raises an issue about any content, we take immediate corrective action. It may be any concern, ranging from inaccuracy, contradictory information, outdated, and biasness. Our editorial team will look into the feedback, fact-check, identifies the content sections that need changing, and deliver the updated article.

If you have any feedback, issue, suggestion, or comment about our content, click here.

Style and Voice

Our tone is warm and friendly – yet authoritative and progressive. Medical language evolves, and we change ours accordingly. We understand that health matters affect every individual differently and respect any person’s choice of words when they comment or share their life experiences.

All our articles are written following the Associated Press (AP) style and our patented NMC Style Guide, which is based on four key pillars: accuracy, simplicity, empathy, and inclusivity. We advocate for a positive language that inspires hope and actionable next steps. We partner with community advocates and research new lingua in various health communities to ensure we deliver health information in a conscious language. We are careful about our word choices, eliminating any judgments and stigma to empower our audience.

Empathy: Our No. 1 Emphasis

You are the core of what we do, and we can’t claim to be your trusted health partner if we can’t share the same point of view as you. We urge anyone who contributes to our articles to consider the reader’s point of view, to try to put themselves in their shoes – to have empathy.

We use simple, friendly, and warm language. We also provide clear plans of action to ensure you take your leap toward health and wellness fulfillment. Besides, we are sensitive about the language we use. We cater to all persons and show compassion to our readers’ health situations. It is this user-focused approach that forms the basis of our editorial process.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We want you to have an excellent health experience with us and feel part of the NMC fraternity. That’s the reason we welcome your suggestions and criticism about our content delivery so that we can make it better for you.

If you have any query, issue, or comment about any article: an inaccurate citation, content usability, or outdated content, you can let us know by sharing it with us here.