Circumcised Men Facts

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Male circumcision is the oldest planned surgical procedure performed around the world. Parents choose to have their sons circumcised for reasons including religion, social, cultural and medical practices. Click to Read More

Medical Grade Monitor and Benefits

Enjoy the benefits of a medical grade monitor.

With the advances in medical science, doctors have become more and more dependent on imaging technology to do their job well. However, the differences in over-the-shelf and medical displays mean that choosing the right equipment is crucial. Click to Read More

Conventional and Computed Radiography

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When it comes to radiography, there are several imaging methods available. These include conventional radiography, computed radiography, and digital radiography, amongst others. Each has pros and cons of digital radiography that practitioners should consider when deciding on the right solution.

What to Do If You Have Balanitis

What to do if you have Balanitis.

Balanitis is an inflammation that occurs on the skin at the head of the penis (the glans). Persistent inflammation of the foreskin or prepuce in uncircumcised men goes by the name of Balanoposthitis.

Foods to Eat After Circumcision to Help Recovery

Foods to Eat After Cirrhosis for Recovery.

Like any other type of surgery, our body’s ability to heal quickly and with the best results relies on the post-operative care and diet it receives directly after an operation. Knowing what foods to eat after circumcision can help the body to reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy immune response, and heal faster while certain foods can have the opposite effect and may slow down the healing process by causing inflammation and other negative effects for the healing process.

History of Digital Radiography

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In this article about digital radiography (DR), we shall discuss this digital X-ray system’s history, how it works, its perks, and the two digital imaging systems (digital radiography (DR) and computed radiography (CR) available today.

Comparison of CR and DR


Computed radiography (CR) & digital radiography (DR) have become unbelievably prevalent in imaging facilities worldwide.

In this write-up, we’re going to dive deeper into digital radiography vs. computed radiography and discuss all you need to know about these two radiography systems.

What is Redundant Foreskin?

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The Redundant Foreskin is the excess amount of foreskin covering the head of a male penis completely before its erected. This skin often leads to numerous health problems, especially if the male cannot completely withdraw the foreskin from the head of the penis. Such people will require visiting a urologist for enhanced examination and treatment to prevent significant health issues.