The Role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring In Pregnancy And Gestational Diabetes

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Since 1980, the number of individuals with diabetes has nearly quadrupled to 422 million, almost all residing in developing nations. Overweight and obesity are among the factors fueling this significant growth. Diabetes mellitus has three primary divisions: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Pregnancy-related diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a significant problem in Malaysia and … Read more

How to Get the Most Out of Continuous Glucose Monitoring

According to the American Diabetes Association, the priority for people with diabetes should be to control their blood sugar levels because the consequences can be devastating. Heart, digestive, and kidney diseases and vision loss are some of the severe health issues resulting from poor glucose monitoring. A glucometer is a helpful device that a person … Read more

What Is Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

What is digital transformation in healthcare?.

Genital hygiene is a hush-hush subject, with most societal norms treating it as a taboo; some cultures even consider female genitalia unclean. Consequently, many women and girls maintain poor feminine hygiene out of ignorance and later contend with vaginal health problems like yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTI). Unfortunately, genital hygiene matters remain undiscussed among the male gender too.

2 Things You Should Offer and Provide to Your Customers in Malaysia

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Do you currently live in an extremely rural area in Malaysia? Are you constantly frustrated about the lack of health resources in your locale? Are you now considering opening a convenience store where you can supply your community with a variety of health products? If so, then here are two things you should offer and provide to your customers.