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5 types of food to avoid after circumcision

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5 types of food to avoid after circumcision

food to avoid after circumcision

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After circumcision, it is important to follow medical advice and strictly follow doctor’s advice for food to avoid after circumcision so that you can heal quickly and without complications. Such medical advice usually includes dietary requirements involving health-supporting foods. It also usually includes advice stating to stay away from particular foods. Below is a list of foods you should avoid, and the reasons why.

Pseudo Health Foods to avoid after circumcision

Pseudo-healthy foods

Avoiding foods that seem healthy, but aren’t, is just as important as avoiding foods that are well known to be unhealthy. A protein bar with 60g of sugar can be just as unhealthy as a bottle of Coca Cola because it is the excessive sugar that causes health problems. 

Even a fruit smoothie made from ‘healthy’ ingredients can still be unhealthy if it contains a large amount of sugar. Excessive sugar causes inflammation of the body, including the arteries. 

Artery inflammation causes thickening of the artery walls, which then leads to stress on the heart and other organs and then leads to strokes, heart attacks, and potential heart failure.

skin damaging food to avoid after circumcision

Skin-damaging Foods

Foods that don’t support wound healing need to be avoided. Due to the nature of the operation, the skin around the circumcision area needs to grow back. 

So foods that promote skin rejuvenation such as oily fish should be consumed over foods that break down the collagen in skin, like agave. 

Agave may be considered a ‘healthy’ sugar substitute, but it also can skin damage and inhibit skin regeneration. It is for this reason that such foods should be avoided. Dairy is also another that should be limited due to its inflammatory nature that it has on the skin. Definitely food to avoid after circumcision.


Junk Foods

Another food to avoid after circumcision – Junk foods are very well known to be unhealthy and avoided at any time, and it is especially important to avoid them when you are sick or recovering from surgery. Junk foods such as chips and candy don’t have any health benefits. The calories they provide are empty, containing little to no beneficial micronutrients such as Vitamin C and Iron. 

Sometimes a manufacturer adds vitamins and minerals to the food so it can be marketed as such, and hopefully lead to higher sales. But it’s important to avoid food manufacturer’s tricks and just get your vitamins and minerals from quality sources.

Highly refined foods that contain minimal fibre, vitamins, and minerals can cause constipation. Avoiding constipation is essential after a circumcision. Straining to use the bathroom will likely lead to causing damage to the circumcision area.

Processed Foods

Processed foods may differ from junk foods in that they resemble proper food choices. A hamburger can be a viable healthy food option depending on how its made. A Big Mac from McDonald’s isn’t a good choice because of the processed products it’s made from. It also is a bad choice because, despite its calorie content, it doesn’t provide adequate nutrients.

Processed foods also are well known to contain high amounts of added sugar and salt. They are also known to contain large amounts of nitrates. Consuming excess nitrates, sugar or salt isn’t a smart option during healing after surgery and for life. 

As noted above, excess sugar leads to artery inflammation, but excess salt and nitrates also causes similar health effects. Anything that assists in weakening artery walls should be avoided. Excess salt, common in nitrate-rich foods, also causes hypertension, which is better known as high blood pressure. Hypertension also causes heart and lung problems.


Many spices are used in eastern medicine for health care because of their health benefits. And while in small amounts spices can be beneficial, in larger amounts they can interfere with natural processes such as clotting. The clotting process is essential for after surgery so excessive amounts of blood are not lost. Inhibited blood clotting can also lead to infections, which can then damage the circumcised area.

What to eat

Since foods that you should avoid after circumcision have been listed, it might help to list foods that you should include in your diet after your circumsion. Foods that are high in Vitamin C, such as oranges and berries, help in skin production, as does oily fish like salmon.

In short, after the circumcision surgery, follow all advice that the doctor gives you, and ensure be on the lookout for foods high in sugar, salt, and fat and avoid them like the plague.

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