Painless solution to the “male” Problem

Fact checked by Dr. Mohd Shafiz Mohd Zaini

(Penang, 7 July) Male circumcision can cause problems such as circumcision, inflammation, and marital life disorders, but many people are ashamed to talk about it! Some people are afraid that the doctor will make a mistake and cause lifelong regrets of damage to the vital part of the body.

Dr. Cheng Wai Woo, who practices at Klinik Brunei, has been using the Disposable Stapler Circumcision Device for the past four years to perform painless and bloodless surgeries to solve men’s worries. He is one of the most experienced non-Muslim circumcisers in North Malaysia.

Dr. Cheng spent three years at the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital, the largest hospital in Brunei, and during the 25 years he has been back in Malaysia, he has gained a lot of experience in circumcising Muslim children.

He told the Sinchew newspaper, “Great North Malaysia,” that the advent of the disposable circumcision anastomosis, shaped like a wine bottle opener, is a good news for men who were not circumcised immediately at birth.

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