A hand holding up a small device known as a tubeless insulin pump.


The pump itself only weighs 23 grams.

About the size of a matchbox,the entire worn
device is 59.5×40mm.

The Equil Patch device gives you the flexibility to wear it from your arms, legs, abdomen, or lower back. The discrete patch is light and compact and easily fits in your pocket. The pump itself only weighs 23 grams. About the size of a matchbox, the entire worn device is 59.5×40mm. The device aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. So, you always keep the tubeless insulin pump base and only dispose of the reservoir patch.

Advantages of AiDEXTM CGM System

  • Knows Glucose Trend

A graphic on the CGM screen shows how quickly your glucose is rising or dropping

  • Minimizes Extreme BG events

Hypo & Hyperglycemia reduction

  • Minimizes Influence on Time In Range

Choose the best way to reach your target glucose level

  • Reduces HbA1C

Comprehensive data can be analysed to help better manage diabetes.

Working Principle

When used, the tiny sensor is inserted just underneath a your skin through the applicator. An adhesive patch holds the sensor on your skin, then sensor can measure glucose readings in interstitial fluid throughout 14 days.

Transmitter connects to a sensor, and collects signals and sends all data to a receiver (PDA/APP).

Better knowing how your food choices and activity affect your blood glucose levels.

Small and thing than a coin under your cloth , no others could know you are diabetes patient.

Waterproof, you can take it for shower or swim.

Comparison Chart


AiDEXTM Medtronic Minimed Guardian Connect Dexcom G6 Freestyle libre 2
Glucose Range 2-25 mmol/L 36-450 mg/dL 2.2-22.2 mmol/L 40-400 mg/dL 2.2-22.2 mmol/L 40-400 mg/dL 2.7-19.4 mmol/L 50-350 mg/dL
Calibration No Yes No No
Sensor Life 10-day 7-day 10-day 14-day
Transmitter Life 4 year 12m 3m 12m
Warmup 1-hour 2-hour 2-hour 1-hour
Diabetes Therapy Closed-loop Yes Yes Yes No
Waterproof Sensor IPX7 IP28 IP28 IPX7
Manufacturer AiDEXTM Freestyle Libre Platinum G6 Platinium G5 Eversense Guardian
Reliability (Overall MARD) 9.1% Abdomen/Arm combined 9.40% 9.0% abdomen 9.00% 11.20% 10.5% abdomen, 9.1% arm
Reliability (Clarke Error Grid A+B zone) 99.00% 99% N/A 97% 99.10% 99.10%
Patient days studied 14 10 10 9 90 7
Age Indication (yrs) 14+ 18+ 2+ 2+ 18+ 14-75
Glucose display frequency Every 5 min On manual activation of sensor Every 5 min Every 5 min Every 5 min Every 5 min
Alarms Customizable None Customizable Customizable Yes Yes
Data share capability Yes None Yes up to 20 followers Yes Yes Text, tracing via web device, upload data for providers
AiDEXTM Dexcom G6 Freestyle libre 2 Medtronic Minimed
Guardian Connect
QTY/4Year End-price QTY/4Year End-price QTY/ 4Year End-price QTY/ 4Year End-price
Sensor 100 $60 144 $140 100 $70 204 $69
Transmitter 1 $150 16 $300 N/A N/A 4 $620
Receiver N/A Free (App) 1 $417.9 2 1 $330 N/A No dedicated receiver
Total cost (per year) $6150 $24960 $7330 $16556

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