For Instruction on How To Use in Chinese please click here AiDEXTM 动泰 CGMS的正确安装方法点击这里

Simple Setup in 3 Steps

Step 1

Install the sensor

Step 2

Attach the transmitter

Step 3

View glucose readings

Insert Sensor
Step 1: Look for a place on your abdomen. Notes: Avoid scars, moles, stretch marks, lumps, and insulin injection sites. To prevent skin irritation, rotate sites between applications.
Step 2: Wash and dry hands. Clean sensor site with alcohol wipe. Allow site to dry before proceeding.
Use Applicator To Insert Built-In Sensor
Step 1: Unscrew the applicator with built-in sensor counter-clockwise and lift it out of box.
Step 2: Place the applicator over the selected site. Push down firmly and press the button to insert sensor.
Step 3: Gently pull applicator away from your body. Make sure sensor is secure.
Step 4: Discard the used applicator and sensor box according to local regulations.
Attach Transmitter
Step 1: Snap the transmitter into the sensor holder. Match the orientation as figure shown.
Step2: Make sure the snap hook is engaged before pressing the other side. You will hear a click if the hook is engaged.

Start New Sensor with Receiver

Set up APP

Step 1: Set up AiDEXTM Note App
Step 2: Download and open the AiDEXTM Note App.
Step 3: Sign up for a new account or log in to the App (with your existing AiDEXTM Note account).
Step 4: Follow onscreen setting wizard.
Step 5: Enter Serial Number (SN), your AiDEXTM Note App searches for the transmitter and pairs with it.
Step 6: After 1 hour, you get glucose readings and alerts.

Set up PDA (Optional)

Step 1: Press and hold power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on PDA.
Step 2: Enter Serial Number (SN), your PDA searches for the transmitter and pairs with it.
A screenshot of the transmitter pairing screen on an iPhone for a tubeless insulin pump.
Step 3: Tap confirm to begin 1-hour warmup.
Step 4: After 1 hour, you get glucose readings and alerts.


Item Transmitter Sensor PDA
Use Life 4 years Up to 10 days 4 years
Real-Time CGM Yes (Every 5 minutes)
Warm-up 1-hour
Glucose Range 2.0-25.0 mmol/L (36-450 mg/dL)
Calibration Factory Calibration ( No calibration required)
Waterproof Ratings IPX7(Use together) IPX0

Review your diabetes data with digital health tools

A smartphone with a screen showing a heart rate monitor and a tubeless insulin pump.

For patients

Get real-time glucose readings with the AiDEXTM App on your compatible smart device2

A computer screen displaying a green screen with a dashboard for monitoring a tubeless insulin pump.

For HCPs

Upload and store the glucose data in the secure cloud-based system, making glucose reports easily accessible for you and your healthcare professionals

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